For a while we have been measuring and getting nice results. This year we could present ES-IBD plenty on conferences. Here is the summary:

– Material Research Society (MRS) spring meeting: talks by G. Rinke, C. Kley, S. Rauschenbach. poster by S. Rauschenbach
– International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICN+T) Paris: talk and poster by S. Rauschenbach
– International Material Research Congress (IMRC) invited talk by S. Rauschenbach
– International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC): talk by S. Rauschenbach, poster by M. Pauly

Looking at our new data, there is hope that we will be traveling again next year. Certainly not all conferences provided the right audience for our work. But we certainly will go again to the ICN+T and the IMSC, since they are excellent meetings of very high quality,  focused on the thing we do: that mix of mass spectrometry and surface science.

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