2013: Conferences

The new year 2013 starts as busy as 2012 ended. New people joined the lab and we have to finish many projects that yielded great result. About this soon more, here.

Now that the semester has ended, the conference season starts again and we will show our work. So far the following meetings are on our schedule, a few others may be added.

March 10th-15th

DPG meeting, Regensburg

Annual meeting of the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physical Society.

Our Contribution has been selected to compete for the Gerhard-Ertl-Young Investigator Award. Even if I do not get it, it is a great honor to be one of the five to present there.

Controlling the Conformation of Peptides and Proteins on Solid Surfaces in Ultrahigh Vacuum

further there will be one talk

The molecular structure of a nine amino acid peptide at metal surfaces in vacuum

and two posters from our group

Organic molecular ion beam epitaxy of non-volatile molecules

Fully Controlled, High Flux Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition of Nonvoaltile Molecules in Vacuum


March 24th-28th

ISSC meeting, Nottingham

Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference

invited lecture


June 12th-14th

Ion Beam Meeting, Leipzig

a workshop of the german ion beam community


October 7th-11th

VEIT Summer School, Sozopol



For a while we have been measuring and getting nice results. This year we could present ES-IBD plenty on conferences. Here is the summary:

– Material Research Society (MRS) spring meeting: talks by G. Rinke, C. Kley, S. Rauschenbach. poster by S. Rauschenbach
– International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICN+T) Paris: talk and poster by S. Rauschenbach
– International Material Research Congress (IMRC) invited talk by S. Rauschenbach
– International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC): talk by S. Rauschenbach, poster by M. Pauly

Looking at our new data, there is hope that we will be traveling again next year. Certainly not all conferences provided the right audience for our work. But we certainly will go again to the ICN+T and the IMSC, since they are excellent meetings of very high quality,  focused on the thing we do: that mix of mass spectrometry and surface science.


Many of our results are presented this year on the ICN+T 2012 conference in Paris (http://www.icnt2012.org/). I find the meeting very good, since it really focuses the surface science community in one place and can recommend it thus highly.

It is even more enjoyable, since Paris is such a lively city and the Sorbonne turns out to be an extraordinary meeting place.